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Rossini: the 29 note portable
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Christian  Casse

Christian Casse was born in Tornai, Belgium, on 13th May 1954. Since he was a boy he was fascinated by the sound of an organ: since that moment he decides to dedicate his life to the music and to the organ building art.
He then moved in France, Christian Casse obtains a diploma from the “école du compagnon du devoir” in the cabinet –work specialization in 1975. He cooperates with the French organ factory Muller putting particular attention to each instruction, to each secret that the “in field work” reveals to him Day after day he learns always more and in 5 years his dream is realized: from cabinet-worker he become an organ tuning and intonation specialist. Christian quits the Muller company and for over 25 years travels the world tuning and intonating organs everywhere: France, Belgium, Germany, Japan.
In 1991 he establishes himself in Italy where he is contacted by the Organ manufacturing company Zanin in quality of tuner, intonator and reed registers specialist.
In 2000, for personal amusement, he experiments the construction of a pipe mechanical organ and this instrument gets such a success that Christian thinks to start a production. In his laboratory, mechanical organs with 27, 29, 42 notes with cartoon books are built and, after short time he is contacted by AMMI (Associazione Musica Meccanica Italiana). Actually Christian Casse, the only constructor of mechanical organs in Italy and prestigious tuner, continues to travel the world tuning large important organs while his reputation is spreading both in Italy and abroad.
“ My life has been forty years of happiness because I always succeeded in doing what I loved to do. My greatest satisfaction is to see my customers happy of my work” this is what Christian often says, and his limpid smile reveals that he simply says the truth, that in his words there is no kind of hidden arrogance but only the pride of having been able to realize his dream.

Address: Piazza dei Dogi, 8A   33033 Codroipo (UD) Italy
Home phone + 0432 908874    Mobile + 3334826583

Here you can see Christian in his lab