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Rossini: the 29 note portable
Puccini: 29 note Barberia organ
Mascagni: 28 note Barberia organ
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Mascagni: the 29 note portable note

Model: Mascagni
Note Nr. 29
Dimensions: cm 58x42x27
Weight: 16 Kg
Music support: Punched paper roll
Reading: Pneumatic in pressure
Price: Please call.

Note: Music supports and transport not included in price

You want to listen
to music?
- The “Mascagni” model is the most appropriate to satisfy the needs of an instrument easily transportable without restrictions to the original sound of the wooden pipes.
- The shoulder-blade belt allows to play also while walking, essential characteristic for anybody making shows or, anyway, for those not willing to be bound by a cart.
- The reduced dimensions (48 x 38 x 23,5 cm) allow its transportation on every type of vehicle.
- Its light weight (9 Kg) allows to carry it on shoulder for the whole day without fatigue.
- The crank does not need to be turned very quickly thanks to the good ventilation supplied to the pipes by the large internal bellow so, without exhausting the arm, you may enjoy the melody while playing it.
- The internal compatment is spacious thus allowing to insert large punched rolls , in order to avoid the continuous rewinding of the same.
- Pipes deliver a powerful sound that can be perceived at long distance but harmonious at the same time.
- The roll reading is pneumatic under pressare, synonym of great reliability both mechanical and in reading. Moreover, this type of reading avoids that any external material can infiltrate inside the instrument and damage it.
- Notwithstanding the organ has a pneumatic reader, the quikness of the re-beated notes is really surprising.
- The instrument can be complemented with a removable single leg trestle and ornamental decorations.