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Puccini 29 note Barberia organ

Model: Puccini
Note Nr. 29
Dimensions: cm 61x60x32
Music support: Punched paper roll
Reading: Pneumatic in pressure
Price: Please call.

Note: Music supports and transport not included in price

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-The “Puccini”, model, thanks to its unique sound, is by excellence the “organo di Barberia”. The care in the choice of materials (worthy woods of very first quality) and in the constructional technique, makes this instrument both an elegant living room object and a strong instrument to be used in the street.
- The aesthetic is essential and elegant to make the instrument suitable for every occasion: from the popular festival to the partecipation to classic music concerts; moreover the clean aesthetic lines leave room to any type of decoration.
- The phonic, round and powerful at the same time, transmits in the fluted sound and in the warm penetrating bass, the plury decennial organ experience of the constructor.
- The roll reading is pneumatic under pressure, synonym of great reliability both mechanical and in reading. Moreover, this type of reading avoids that any external material can infiltrate inside the instrument and damage it.
- Notwithstanding the organ has a pneumatic reader, the quikness of the re-beated notes is really surprising.
- The reading block is studied in such a way to give the possibility to extract the music carton also before the end of the song.
- The instrument can be complemented with a confortable support on wheels fitted with two large drawers where to put the carton books.